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Spring 2024 Class Information

The Fall 2024 class schedule is ready to view! 

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Welcome to Homeschool Out of the Box (HSOBX), a unique homeschooling co-op experience located near the intersection of Indian River Rd. and Military Highway.

Two aspects of HSOBX set us apart from other quality home school experiences in the Tidewater, VA area: our commitment to quality secular instruction and our dedication to developing a homeschooling community.

We are known for our passionate instruction and strong bonds. If you’re looking for support, friendships and quality instruction for your homeschooling family, HSOBX is the home for you. We strive to maintain an inclusive community and would love for you to join us! Feel free to contact us, we would love to talk with you.

If you would like to become a member, please click on the Join button (when available) at the top of the page and follow the directions.

About Us

Established in 2007

HSOBX offers classes in five age groups, and topics range from language arts and foreign languages, to math and lab-based sciences.  HSOBX is honored to be an inclusive co-op with teachers from a variety of educational backgrounds. Many of our teachers have degrees in education or related fields, a combined wealth of experience in homeschooling, and expertise in a variety of fields of study. HSOBX is lucky to have parents of our students who value learning and bring their expertise into the co-op through creative teaching methodologies.

Students graduated from HSOBX have been admitted to the following colleges and universities: Alabama State University, Allegheny College, College of William & Mary, Cornell University, Duke University, George Mason University, George Washington University, The New School, Old Dominion University, Roanoke College, Stanford University, Stratford University, Tufts University, Tidewater Community College, the United States Naval Academy, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Virginia Wesleyan College.